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You may use a laptop or desktop computer, as well as an iPad or iPhone, to set up your Cricut Maker. Because of its small size, I'm not interested in creating anything on my iPhone screen. However, I adore my iPad and use it frequently. Why wouldn't I want to pair these two things since the Maker has BluTooth technology? The Cricut Maker arrived in a "Open Me First" package, as you may recall from the first video. You'll find the step that tells you the exact URL to use for your setup there. You'll spend the most of your time setting up on the Cricut Design Space app. When it comes to an investment like the Cricut Maker, I'm a bit of an over-researcher. Of course, I snooped on everything I could, including installing the app ahead of time. The transition from putting in the supplied URL to entering the app's setup mode was completely smooth. I didn't have to wonder what I was doing or whether or not I was in the correct location. We followed all of the steps to a successful Cricut setup with my kid at my side. For additional information, please visit our website.

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