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And that's it. 123movies gdn At the same time, 123movies offers a variety of links to external pages, from which the visitors can also find the necessary information. After selecting the categories of movies and TV shows you want, they immediately start to appear in an order convenient for browsing. Each link leads to a page with the movie information and the place of availability.

123movies (Unblocked 123 Movies) is the most famous online resource for watching free movies online and TV shows online. It was established by students from the University of Ho Chi Minh City. They have collected all the free movies available at this website so that you don't have to spend any money on them. The site is not an official archive and has no legal license for the movies found here. The quality is very low, sometimes even unviewable, and the size is only available in a few variants. The videos are divided into several genres: Horror, Documentaries, Action, Adventure, Thriller and Animation.

Most of the movies on the site are not released in your country, and will therefore require a proxy or VPN. If you want to watch free movies online, or TV shows, or anime, this is the best resource. This resource has become the most visited site in the world, and at least once you have visited it, there is no going back.

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