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Types of domesticated animals that can be kept as an ESA - 2022 Guide

Who does not like the elements of choice in one’s life? Choosing the favorite food at the restaurant, choosing favorite clothes, etc. all work towards improvement in mood and mental state. However, mental health issues are not something that anyone would choose for themselves. Under such circumstances, ESAs play the most vital role. They help you get over mental issues and give you another chance at a happy life. The best part is that you have plenty of choices to choose from when keeping an ESA. Every ESA has its own needs and attributes. Choosing one wisely can be the best investment you make. An ESA letter could be your ticket to getting the best ESA to suit your needs. Here are some possible domesticated animals that can be the next ESA for you.

  • Let us start with the obvious choice. If you want a best friend in your life, then a dog could be just that. Dogs have a strong sense of their surroundings and they can be most effective in providing emotional support. An emotional support animal letter could be the potential solution to all the predicaments revolving around your mental issues. They are extremely loyal and develop a strong bond with the owners. They also come in a wide range of breeds, from which you can choose to your liking. Not enough can be said about dogs in terms of how valuable they are. You can train them to do certain things and they shall comply with your command, making them the best ESAs.

  • The second choice is another obvious one. Cats can be quite effective in providing the warmth you need. Who does not want a cat in the lap while you pet your way to a cure? Cats also come in a variety of breeds and they prove to be most effective in providing instant comfort. You can have a great time with cats as they are also easy to accommodate even in confined spaces. So if you want a cure partner, then an ESA cat might be the one for you.

  • Birds are another major contender on the list. Though it may seem like a surprise, birds are really good companions. Certain birds have a certain level of loyalty as well. They have beautiful voices, come in huge varieties, and are colorful petite creatures. They can be easily accommodated in even a small house and there are not too many expenses with regards to grooming them as well. If you have a bird in mind that you have been longing for, then that bird could be the lifesaver as well.

  • If you are still looking for a furry creature but the above choices are not for you, then a rabbit might do the trick. They are active little creatures that run around and make your day special. Cuddling with them can be really helpful in removing mental issues from one’s life. They are also easily affordable and can be accommodated easily. They do not pose any major threats to anyone which makes them a great option to have if there is a need for an ESA.

  • There is no end to the possible options that you can explore with regards to the ESA. Another very loyal option that you might like is a horse. While quite difficult to accommodate and groom, these are the companions that can turn your day around. If you believe you want a horse, then, by all means, go ahead and get a horse as an ESA. If you are fond of this creature, then there is nothing to worry about. Just make sure you give it enough time to develop a strong bond with yourself.

  • If you want an inexpensive option as an ESA, then a mouse could be another possible candidate to fit your needs. They are really small so accommodation is no major issue. They are lively creatures that can just fit in the palm of your hands. They shall provide you with the best emotional support as they roam around the house and make your day fun and jolly.

Well, there you have it. You have now got multiple choices to choose from. Like I said before, having the element of choice can be quite a privilege. You can see your own lifestyle and the different constraints and then choose the most suitable ESA for yourself. But do remember to get the esa letter for housing before anything else. You might want to take the animal with you for a trip or switch locations in future. If you have the letter, you shall have nothing to fear in terms of any restrictions imposed.

Domesticated animals are moldable. That is why they are best suited for ESAs. They have the natural instinct to accommodate themselves in certain situations. You can talk to them, take care of them and all these things lead to improvement of your mental health. The more you spend time with it, the more carefree your life shall become. You will get the sense of socializing, responsibility, and even confidence once again. All these elements often disappear if you have a mental issue and that is why it is essential to revive these by getting yourself an ESA. For more information, do visit visit

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